Upcoming Events

  • Sat, Jan 23
    Streaming Live from the Kinderhook Library
    Healthcare Costs, How to Plan and Pay
    By sharing tools and resources during this workshop, we will show participants how help make decisions about how you will cover health care expenses — including long-term care — in retirement.
  • Sat, Jan 30
    Streaming Live from the Kinderhook Library
    Fraud Protection
    Educating participants on the extent and types of fraud that exist and are disproportionately perpetrated on retirees, we will guide you to resources and information that will help you proactively guard against becoming a victim of fraud or scams.
  • Thu, Feb 11
    Online Event
    Insurance from Someone Who Isn't Selling it!
    How to determine if you need life, disability or long-term care insurance and steps to getting it.
  • Thu, Feb 18
    Online Event
    Pandemic Portfolio Management
    A long-term investment focus can help when emotions run high. This workshop will present strategies for overcoming these challenges and includes a list of common mistakes and guidelines.
  • Thu, Feb 25
    Online Event
    Demystifying Retirement Plans
    We'll demystify the differences between retirement plans and ways to determine which might be best for you.


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